I was diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer's Valentines Day 2019, don't think I will ever forget that day

I was 54 years young when I was diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer's Valentines Day 2019, don't think I will ever forget that day. Well I might do, seen as I have Alzheimer's and my memory will deteriorate. The diagnosis process was a long one 6th August 2018 I went to my GP whom referred me to the memory clinic, my appointment took about 6 weeks to arrive, this was a very frightening time for me and my hubby going through this process, the not knowing, the worry, and anxiety the time scale and no explanations are the worst September 2018 My 1st appointment at the memory clinic, I was so nervous and when I entered the building the clinic was on the top floor up lots of open stairs, not ideal or very dementia friendly! I hated the building as soon as we went in the feel of the place, it was not very welcoming. The young doctor we saw was lovely, he asked questions quick memory test or two. I was then referred for an MRI scan which took place 30th September.


Now I didn’t like that machine but endured the time in the machine singing You are my Sunshine in my head for 30 minutes ( I sing this to my youngest grandson) Occupational Health called to our home on the 1st October, felt this was very intrusive, telling me, “ I looked ok” and looking around my house she said “ you seem to be managing” How the hell did she know! She had just come in my house, had never met me before, knew nothing about me, so how did she know I was managing or if I was ok or not! She spoke to my husband as if I wasn’t even in the room as if I couldn’t answer my own questions, I was so annoyed I went and sat in the bathroom for a while to calm down. We saw another doctor 25th October who arranged for me to see a psychologist for more test and also a neurologist at a local hospital 22nd Nov, 30th Nov, 6th Dec the psychological test, they where so tiring and at the 1st appointment she upset me so much digging at my past I did not want to go to my next appointment.


I did let her know how she made me feel. Then the neurologist, she was ok but treated like I’m stupid and didn’t know what’s going on around me. We finally got the diagnosis 14th February 2019 Valentines Day The diagnosis it me hard, and after feeling sorry for my self for a week or two I came to the conclusion, I was still me and I haven't just suddenly changed, I have two choice. 1.Sit back and let Alzheimer's take over and deteriorate quicker 2. Live my life the best i can and enjoy every minute I chose the second one …  To live my life the best way possible I finished work at the end of March 2019, and handed over my business. Another emotional time, that was hard to come to terms with. I now keep my self busy, I walk every day, love gardening as still bake even if it sometimes does not go to plan. I have joined a lovely group in my area and we all have memory problems and are not old, as people automatically think you have to be old to have Alzheimer'. Such a friendly group and it's so good to talk and laugh in a relaxed atmosphere with no one judging and have just become the Chairperson for this group, I was honoured. Alzheimer’s isn’t the end it’s the beginning of a new chapter You can live well with me & my sidekick Alzheimer’s